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We know how to help your product!

Before working with clients, we have developed our own products, and with the gained knowledge and experience, we can help your product reach its full potential!
Some of our support includes:

Detailed interview work with users (CustDev)

Strategy analysis and development

MVP development and testing the effectiveness of your product hypothesis

Gathering key analytics

Analysing best Marketing Strategies, creating a Marketing Plan specifically for your product

You can see our work in practice and meet one of our products here and here.

Development stages

Concept creation
Every project starts with a concept, which we create with our clients. This stage is crucial as by having a clear concept, we can devise an strategic plan to our end goal
At this stage we work on the visual aspect of an app. We focus on the graphic design and easy-to-use animation
After establishing the concept and the visuals, we develop a phone application. At this stage, we work on a technical side and form the end product
Testing and trials
A product goes through many trials, through which possible bugs are fixed
Activation and support
After activating the app, we do not stop our work! Instead, we take a  full responsibility of product’s success  and functioning. Our technical team monitor the app, so that you will never face any technical errors after the product is activated
We are aware that it is not enough to simply develop an app and place it somewhere in the application store. Therefore, we help you to promote your product on an international scale! This will not only hold your excising costumers, but also attract the  new ones! 
Our software development services
Our software development services enable businesses to leverage digital trends, address market needs, and build competitive advantage.
At Backend we offer:
Architecture and structure, including high difficulty ones. (Ruby on Rails; Python)
Integration with the other servers and solutions
Working with SQL/NoSQL databases
Code and architecture audit
Refactoring and support
At Frontend we offer:
Multibrowser layout
Adaptive layout
Frontend and advanced JS (React, VUE and other frameworks)
Manual and automatic frontend trial
Native development of iOS/Android
Cross-platform development using Flutter
Architecture and code audit on already excising apps
Refactoring and revision (bug fix)
Work on updates to fit new OS and devices
As part of UX/UI, we will work with you through all the stages, such as:
Concept development
Customer journey map
Design systems
User story
Design review
User Flow
We offer a full testing, so that your product will go though all trial levels:
Usability testing
High load testing
We also focus on:
Preparing and maintaining the infrastructure 
Automation work with infrastructure 
System Backup 
Containerisation and orchestration of apps
Infrastructure monitoring, bug and data analysis 
Cloud solutions

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